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Registration for the Spring Session (April 1, 2021 thru June 29, 2021) is now open ! See our Flyer

Registration Form (in-person or Zoom) required. Register here

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If you are coming to class in person, you will need to complete a daily waiver.

This is not to be confused with the CBI Waiver.

By doing so, you are indicating you have completed the self-health assessment, including taking your temperature within 2 hours of the start of class. In addition to making sure that everyone who comes to class is healthy, it also helps us make sure our class size stays small enough for participants to maintain more than adequate physical distancing.

The daily waiver is located on the left menu.

PLEASE complete that daily waiver not earlier than 2 hours before a class, so you can guarantee your space in the class. If your daily waiver is rejected due to being over the class size limit, then you will not be able to attend class in person. We don't want you to find this out at the door. The daily waiver shows number of remaining spots towards the bottom of the form.

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