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Somerset Hills YMCA Fall 1 session begins on September 11, 2017 and ends on November 5, 2017 (Fall 1 session registration for members begins on August 28 and registration for non-members begins on September 5) 

  Somerset Hills YMCA, register for classes 

NEW! In addition to our classes offered at the Somerset Hills YMCA, classes will also be offered in Lebanon beginning on October 5, 2017:

Next Black Belt Friday is October 6, 2017

Fall Black Belt Promotion
Saturday November 18, 2017
Dominican College
470 Western Hwy S, Orangeburg, NY 10962

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ATKDA Promotions

As of July 22, 2017 we have had 2733 Promotions.

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7th Dan - 1 Promotions
6th Dan - 1 Promotions
5th Dan - 10 Promotions
4th Dan - 17 Promotions
3rd Dan - 31 Promotions
2nd Dan - 63 Promotions
1st Dan - 197 Promotions
Brown Belt - 286 Promotions
Purple Belt - 417 Promotions
Green Belt - 614 Promotions
Yellow Belt - 1091 Promotions

2 Honorary Promotions
3 Master Certificates 

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