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Next Black Belt Friday is May 5th 2017

The Spring Black Belt Promotion is on May 20th.  
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Summer Black Belt Camp 2017 
Registration closes on May 31.
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Saturday June 3 and Sunday June 4
Steve Jimmerfield Self Defense and Weapons Clinics
click here for Steve's website which includes video demonstration clips:

more information to follow

Tony Johnson's Summer Opener
Charity Event to benefit the West Orange Boys and Girls Club
Colored Belt Promotion
Saturday June 24 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM
242 Main Street, West Orange, NJ, 07052

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ATKDA Promotions

As of September 25, 2016 we have had 2703 Promotions.

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6th Dan - 1 Promotions
5th Dan - 10 Promotions
4th Dan - 17 Promotions
3rd Dan - 31 Promotions
2nd Dan - 59 Promotions
1st Dan - 190 Promotions
Brown Belt - 282 Promotions
Purple Belt - 414 Promotions
Green Belt - 613 Promotions
Yellow Belt - 1081 Promotions

2 Honorary Promotions
3 Master Certificates 

ATKDA Family and Student of the year

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